Standard Clock screensaver

Standard Clock screensaver

7art Standard Clock brings a beautiful and unique clock to your desktop

Are you a clock fan?
Are you looking for a very nice and unique clock for your screen?
7art Standard Clock brings a beautiful and unique clock to your desktop.

This very pretty screensaver will not show you complex animations, or crazy distortion effects.
Not even sparks and fireworks.

This screensaver will give you what its name says: A Standard Clock.
But, standard according to who or what?
This beautiful screensaver will show you a so-called "standard" clock.
For the developer of the program, "standard" means showing you an analog, round clock, glowing in different colors.
The background will have different colors too, that will change at random.
The color of the clock will also change at random, and they will always make a very attractive contrast.

7art Standard Clock Screensaver will show you the correct time using its very unique hands that move around the face.
Sometimes, the background will have two colors at once.
The combinations of colors are something that will attract everybody's attention immediately.
It will surely become a good piece of conversation among family and coworkers.

Fernando Soni
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  • Very beautiful
  • Different


  • Nothing worth mentioning, but it is only a clock
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